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Personalizing Your Yacht's Specifications Pages

The photos to the left show just a few of the entries we can permanently print on both the Yacht Spec Sheet and Engine Maintenance Records pages of your MYC Logbooks.

How many times have you had to look up engine serial numbers for a mechanic or look for injector millimeter numbers that you only use once in a great while? How about the serial number or part number for a water pump or belts? Do you know the part number without going through a great deal of paperwork or catalogs? The MYC is the solution to the problem. The "Collective" helps you GET BACK TO THE BASICS - to keep organized to the point where you save time and money. AND, WE ALL KNOW HOW OWNERS LIKE TO SAVE TIME AND MONEY!

A Lesson on:

Just open your Engine Maintenance Log and find all that information in one step. Do you know your inventory of parts for your engine without rummaging through the bilge or a greasy box of parts? You won't need to make that long search again once you have entered all the details in the Parts Inventory List built into "The Master Yacht Collective."

The Master Yacht Collective
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Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420-1611
561- 776-8247
Capt. Faro Taormina -----

    For additional information on "The Master Yacht Collective," please feel free to give me a call to discuss any questions you may have - whether it's regarding the layout, the customizing of a personal set of books or just to find out more about the Logbooks.

    The "Collective" is not anything new. Instead, it is a more comprehensive way to keep precise, detailed records for yourself or the owner. It offers vital information at a glance if you make using these logbooks a regular part of your daily routine.

    The "Master Yacht Collective" Logbooks are not for everyone. The majority of my customers are the Captain's of vessels ranging from 50' to 120' motoryachts and sportfish who are entrusted with the owner's credit card and are responsible for large amounts of cash flow. My client list also includes owners who are on a Need-to-Know-on-a-Daily-Basis schedule and yacht brokerages who use the "Collective" as gifts for loyal customers. There are certainly other logbooks out there that have been around for a long time and are great for the owner who likes to keep standard records on short forms.


    We've received nothing but the highest compliments from all of our very satisfied customers and all the store personnel who help to market the "Collective" for us. To be honest, we will never offer anything other than a first-class product. We strive to meet delivery deadlines with the lowest shipping fees we can negotiate. We have been known to hand-deliver special orders and refill our supplier's inventories as fast as we can.

    For a hands-on look at the MYC Logbooks, please visit one of the following well-known marine store locations. As we grow, we will post additional new locations:

  • Hopkins-Carter Marine Hardware / Miami -
    3300 N.W. 21st Street - Miami, FL 33142 --- 305-635-7377
    (Located at the entrance to the Miami International Airport.)
    Go to to their Online
    Catalog to see the MYC Logbooks.

  • Hopkins-Carter Marine Hardware / Miami Beach -
    300 Alton Road - Miami Beach, FL 33139 --- 305-534-0300
    (At South Beach - located in Miami Beach Marina - on Government Cut.)

  • Hopkins-Carter Marine Hardware / West Palm Beach -
    207 6th Street - West Palm Beach, FL 33401 --- 561-832-0867
    (Located near the Flagler Bridge, next to Zeidel Uniforms.)

  • Bluewater Books & Charts / Ft. Lauderdale -
    1811 Cordova Road - Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 --- 954-763-6533
    Go to to their Online Catalog
    to see the MYC Logbooks.

  • Bluewater Books & Charts / Rhode Island -
    543 Thames Street - Newport, RI --- 401-847-4252

  • Lamb's Yacht Center, Inc. -
    3376 Lakeshore Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32210 --- 904-384-5577
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