The Master Yacht Collective
Available as a Complete Set or individual Logbook purchase.

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Personalized LogBook Covers

The first feature in personalizing your "Collective" (or individual Logbook) is to place a photo of your yacht on the front cover of each MYC Logbook, along with the yacht's name as it appears on your transom.

The covers below are just a few of the custom editions we have created for the Captains or Owners of the vessels you see pictured here.
LadyO.jpg LadyO.jpg ZSquare.jpg

Customizing Yacht Photos for LogBook Covers
To get a good, sharp yacht picture on the cover of your MYC Log- book, we require a clear photo of the vessel (in either color or black & white). If the only yacht photo you have available has unwanted scenery in the background, we can digitally separate the boat from the unwanted background and place it on a clear 'horizon' instead. (See "Topcoat" Cover shown above.)

Matching Yacht Name Lettering Styles for LogBook Covers

For all custom covers, we attempt to duplicate the yacht name in the same lettering style already used on your transom. To make this match, you must send (via regular mail or email) a clear photo - taken as straight on as possible - of your transom, showing the entire yacht name. We can also use either a piece of yacht stationery or the yacht business card that shows the lettering style used. Once lettering has been matched as close as possible, it is entered on the front covers of each logbook ordered in either a solid black, or in an 18-carat Gold Fill with black outline. (Prices vary for this feature.)

For a slightly higher fee, an 'Embossed Gold Fill' can be used - giving the lettering a raised look.*

For gift orders where boat name artwork cannot be matched, we will use a standard black-fill lettering in a font style of your choice. Or, you can request a Gold-Fill finish in a font style of your choice.


Now that you have seen how we can personalize the covers of your "Collective," why not take a look at the second - even more invaluable - custom feature we can provide to help you ease your day's work onboard. Certain details (provided by the purchaser) can be used to further personalize interior spec pages of your "Collective" - information you are likely to need for common day-to-day use that you may never have realized. You will be surprised at what you missed. Let's take a look.