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A Complete Log & Ledger Book Collection
covering all aspects of Private Yacht Record-Keeping

The tedious paperwork duties of the yacht owner (or his Captain) have been divided into five easy-to-use, self-explanatory books - Day & Cruising Logs, Expenses, General Maintenance (Interior & Exterior), Engine Maintenance and Fuel Expenses.

The #1 benefit of a well-organized records system is your ability to control operational costs. When you know exactly where the money went, what it paid for, why it went there, etc., you can get a better grip on expenses. For the Captain, using the "Collective" will help you accomplish that control, and also help to increase your value to the Owner as it displays for that Owner that his yacht is in capable hands. For the Owner, using this system will help to present a well-maintained vessel to the next owner. A detailed maintenance history is as important as the Survey and the Sea Trial.

Hard laminate front covers and flexible vinyl back covers enclose heavyweight, acid free bright white ledger pages designed specifically for each of the many inventory, maintenance and repair duties a Captain confronts during his workday on board. All ledger and log pages have a clean, crisp set-up, with ample space to enter the required data. Color has been used on the pages to help make your notes more interesting to record - and to read. Gel inserts and Parchtone card stock dividers separate each important section. Coil bindings help each book like flat while you make your daily entries. Each book has a pocket at the back to help keep all your receipts or notes in one place until you can get them entered into the proper ledger page. There are specific pages where you can record vital information about your boat that you must use frequently - eliminating digging out that bulky file box from under a seat storage compartment. The MYC Logbooks feature standard 8.5"x11" pages.

With a Custom Cover, featuring the yacht name and/or photo, this set becomes the perfect gift for the Captain or Owner.

Ultimately, "The Master Yacht Collective" was created to be used as a set. However, you can purchase individual books if you want to keep limited records.

If there is a specific ledger page you need created for just your yacht, the "Collective" can be bound with your custom pages inserted.

(Additional costs will apply for this service.)

Complete Standard Set (5 Books) ................................................... $ 249.00

Custom Covers, Complete Set ........................................................ range from $40 to $60
(based on lettering style, boat name only, or both name & photo)